What, I ask you, is more alluring for a city dog, than a roll in the verdant green grass of one of the Big Apple’s sprawling parks?

Theodore would answer: A bucket of fried chicken, forgotten on a brownstone’s stoop.

However,  Theo’s bestie, Fern, can think of no better sunny-spring-day-treat than getting cozy with some of Mother Nature’s carpeting.

But what to do about Battery Park’s prohibitions, marking all grassy areas: DOG FREE?

Well, Ferny is an open minded, independent thinker, and has decided to interpret the DOG FREE signs as code for: RUN FREE, BE FREE, FREE YOUR MIND.

Isn’t she clever? Theodore concurs that a bit of canine rebellion is a good thing, at the right place and time.  And apparently, these two pals felt that a perfect May afternoon was precisely the right place and time.

So, our epic 4+ hour stroll about downtown Manhattan was cheerfully capped off by a rule-breaking act…though we asked the dogs to take their tummy tickling fix at the edge of the lawn, lest the park rangers find themselves compelled to fine us and our furry scofflaws.

If you’d like a lesson in the fine art of the Back Scratch + Roll, please do take a close look at these photos.  Fern was more than happy to demonstrate her technique.

In fact, she was going to explain all the fine points and stages of the roll, but as you can see, she’s fallen asleep. On the grass. In the DOG FREE area.

Man, I love that Ferny Fern Fern.  Endless entertainment.