1. Hunker down by the radiator where it’s warm and cozy and chew something to bits. — Lila


2. Resist going out. You are warm and cozy. Why spoil a good thing? — Lila (Not Pictured.)

3. Get excited about going out! –Theo (Not Pictured)

4. Wish upon a falling snowflake:

One day, all the homeless dogs in the world will have found forever homes… — Theo


5.  Close your eyes.  Concentrate. Make another wish. 

Imagine your little sister does everything you tell her to…nothing more. Nothing less.

She is your minion.

(A dog can dream.)  — Theo


6. Ponder whether snow is something you like or loathe.

Realize that you are a puppy and by nature, capricious. — Lila



6.  Huddle together and make the face that says,

‘Carry Me Home Please.’

Be TERRIBLY annoyed when your wish is denied.


7. Listen. Really, really listen,

when your human tells you how fortunate we are

to have a warm place to rest and a roof over our heads. 

Be grateful for all your blessings.



8.  Nap. Eat. Nap some more. Eat. Eat. Eat. (Not Pictured.)