Sometimes, when the world is too much,  what you need is a shoulder to lean on…

And a back that’s strong.

Our best friends never waver. They stand steady and solid, grounding us like mighty oaks…

Always ready to lend an ear.

They remind us that life is precious…

Every moment. Every breath.  A Gift.

And we take a deep breath, and exhale

Love, Love, Love…

as much as our lungs and hearts can bear.

And remember that we are all connected.


Theodore’s motto on Thanksgiving is also a pledge: Give Thanks and Give Back.

For the Give Thanks portion of his holiday promise, Theodore launched headlong into the day by taking a hike with his extended family. The skies were gloriously clear and the air crisp with a bracing edge.

Just the way Young Theo likes it.

Spending time in the great outdoors always makes Theo grateful for the simple (and yet most important) things in life: Health, Love and Family.

He trotted alongside his Other Favorite Human, his nose to the ground, stopping on occasion to take in a scent floating by on a breeze.

His cousin, Kaya scouted up ahead, returning now and then to her human’s side, always ready to cast him adoring looks.

And when our crowd settled down at the summit, so too did the dogs.

Theo loves a Scenic Outlook…

Once home, our attention turned to the making of dinner, and it was all hands (though no paws, thank you) on deck. We peeled and sliced and roasted and toasted, all under the watchful eyes and noses of our furry kids. And their reward for minding our dictum: ‘No Dogs In The Kitchen!’?

Big bowls of grub garnished with turkey meat and a touch of frizzled ham.

Naturally, what followed the meal was a postprandial meditation on all our wonderful blessings…

….which was then followed by a nap in Theodore’s favorite spot, warmed by the sun.

And as we wound down the day, we remembered those still struggling to put their lives back together after Sandy ripped through the Caribbean, Mid Atlantic and throughout the Northeast leaving devastation in her wake.  Relief efforts continue and support is still needed.  It seemed like the perfect day to hit the ‘DONATE NOW’ button again. One click for a humanitarian organization, and another for pet rescue efforts.

Looking for a worthy org to do some of your own ‘clicking’? Check out Huffington Post‘s suggestions by clicking HERE.

And just for the record: We’re thankful for all the love you send our way, dear readers.  You make our day, time and time again with the stories of your own doggie tales and positive thoughts.  Thank you for sharing this space with us.  We’ll keep doing our best to brighten your days, too!